A Colony

Good morning all you awesome beings.  It’s another day of creation and grandeur.  Another day of bold inspirations and  undertakings.

Hear the call, as the earth awakens.  It becons us.  Rise, mankind, your call to another fabulous day.

Here, sighs the great planet, as another morning approaches, another sun climbs into the sky, another day unfolds before us.  Here, almighty human, is another day, for you.  For your quest, for your courage, for your heart, for your adventure.  Inspired human, with such magnificent aptitude, leadership, knowledge, strength and skills.  You, who rise above the rest and say, follow me, follow me, follow me to the ends of the earth, to the end of time. Oh mortal man, with mortal life, follow me into the unknown.  Follow me into dread and peril.  Follow me into dark and danger.  Follow me, for I am the leader and you are my dutiful subjects.  Follow me.


Their greatly skilled leader chose a formidable route, through the high seas to lands of unpromising abundance.  Weather, snow, hardship and toil.  The lands were harsh, the landscape difficult, the weather unbearable, the oceans high and tumultuous, wind, current, rain.  Still to travel on, to voyage of discovery, to tales of heroic triumph, to be the unbeatable foe.  The quest was immense, the distance overwhelming, the hero an uncanny mortal man.

We’ll colonize here, demands the mighty leader and the deathly, dread of the dutiful subjects acknowledge their plight.  Yes, they will stay.  In this unknown place, their fate is sealed.


For a few spectacular years they foraged in the forest, built their small community, reaped a harvest and stayed in the strange, far off land of shrouded mystery.  Yes, these stalwarts survived.  The first landing, the first colony, the first nation to set foot on the land of plenty.  The colonization was successful.  They survived the  winter and the warm, vibrant summer.  They proved their strength, their superiority, their skills and their might.  These early inhabitants from the north sea proved their creative genius, their will to survive, their superior strength of mind and body.  They felt the swell of pride in their chests, the song of glory in their hearts.  Victory!  The thrill of achievement.  They were the almighty man!  The courageous adventurer, the indomitable foe!.

And then they left.

Home, cries the heart.  Home cries the soul.  Home cries the spirit and with the homesick heart of man, came the compelling urge to abandon.  They left.

400 years would pass before another from their continent would traverse the high seas to these far off lands.  The year is 1000 AD.  The people were farmers from the Scandinavian countries.  Farmers, who dared to be sailors.

Without their heroic leader, they no longer had the desire or the inclination to set their sights on destinies unknown.  No longer the urge to explore uncharted waters, to discover great continents.  No longer the will or the drive to mount an expedition of men to pursue the call to adventure.

Now, they were quiet.  The gift of that great spirit of man that moved them to acts of tremendous courage had parted.  They waited in quiet anticipation for another.  Who would lead them on?  Their memories of grandeur moved them.  Dare we?  Should we?  A leader was needed.  Their patience was uneasy.  The adventure was necessary.  A new leader was needed,  but the leader didn’t come.


Written by Dr. Louise Hayes

May 27, 2013




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