The Race

The Race

Feel the power!  It courses through your veins and propels you onward.  The power, the strength, the might, the stamina.  Practice, practise, practise.  It echoes through your head and swells in your mind.  Breathe!

As you meditate in that quiet place in your mind, as you relax into the challenge ahead, your mind is all of it.  You are the champion.

Time after time, day after day, you have struggled tor this day.  This one day.  This awesome day.

It unfolds as the adventure of your life.

Each decision you make, each step you take, each breath you breathe, takes you closer, closer to that dream, that goal, that  definition.  You are the champion.

Breathe and relax.  Your body propels you forward.  The rhythmic conditioned response from a brain well trained and a body self fulfilling.  Step after step you feel the power.  Repeat, repeat, repeat. Onward you fly.  Your loose, conditioned body flies along the ground, it soars to the call.  Yes, it responds, I can, I will!

The challenge is easy, the pace is set.  It’s sustainable for the duration and there is more.  More strength from this well trained body, more determination  from this well trained mind. The focus is clear.  Relax and enjoy.  The power will take you there.

Step, step, step.  Run!  Your body cries out to you with gladness.  Thank you for this great day!  Thank you for health, vitality, fitness, strength, passion and might.   This strong, athletic body feels the pace, it feels its training.  Bold, courageous mind, in meditative focus.  The pain is gone, only the life form remains.

Mankind, the adventurer was built for exercise like this.  This is the conditioning of the human body.  This is the will of the human mind.  To  focus on this task, to set your mind for this goal.

Feel the power, feel the strength, feel the ease of motion, the propulsion forward.  The constant fluidity of the body, form, style, reach.  Each stride takes you closer and closer to the goal.  Each movement a conditioned response from a focused mind.  Breathe!  The tension releases and your body excels.   It soothes and awakens your spirit.  It soars!  The passion of the race, the properly conditioned body, the intelligent, astute mind.  All in one direction, all for one purpose, all for one destiny.

You are the champion.  This is your great day.

Heal champion!  Heal the fatigue, heal the soreness.  Each step is a moment of glory.  A moment of self fulfillment.   Be the prophecy!  Be the strength that carries on.  Onward, onward, your goal to healthful living, to healing, to longevity, to life everlasting.

Step, step, step.  Your routine call to accept this challenge.  This is might, this is power, this is courage.  Relentless body that will not quit.  Relentless mind that will not give up.  Push to achieve.  Strive to achieve.  Be the achieved!

This is not too much for you.  This is all within the realms of your abilities.  Passionate mind, perfect body, fluid and comfortable.  This is your day.  An awesome day.  A day for a test, a challenge.  A day for you, almighty human.  Run!  Run like the wind.  Sing your own gladsome song. Propel your self onward.  Go!  Stride, pace, challenge.  It’s all for you.  It’s all about you.

Today, you are a champion.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes

May 31.2013

Food – Part 4

Food – Part 4

Food, Part 4

The shepherd is a weaver. She keeps six sheep on her small property and plants enough potato and root vegetables for her survival. She also has a cherry, a mountain ash and an apple. Her sheep provide wool or weaving, meat and skins to sell. Her one goat gives her milk, butter, cheese and yogourt. She dyes the wool from natural products and weaves beautiful blankets. The yearly lammps are slaughtered for meat and the skins are used for furnishings and clothing. There is trade in propogating the livestock. The goatherd and the shepherd keep bucks for breading. The hortaculturalist brings her ewes for fertiliztion. The lactating ewe provides milk and the offspring are butchered for meat and skins.
The poultry farmer has a dozen chickens and a rooster. She has a dozen eggs to sell every day or raises chickens for meat. She plants sunflowers to supplement their diet and her own. She plants corn for flour, currants, potato and spice. Her trade is obvious, a dozen eggs for milk, but eventually, she buys her own goat. It’s easier that way.
There are other homesteaders, each doing a variety of this kind of production on their own properties.
The plantings are easy, two fruit bearing trees per corner and perhaps another along the hedgerow. The hedgerow is a row of fruit bearing shrubs, berries and currants and the entire property is fenced this way. Under the shrubs are spices and strawberries.
The property is divided in half, 50’x100′ for the animals and 50’x100′ for the house and gardens. The garden consists of rhubarb, corn, potato and whatever other vegetables they desire. Sunflowers and other flowers add to their yield.

These are examples of cottage industry homesteaders. There are other wonderful uses for property that add to the benefit of the people in this community. There is other small cottage industry that the property provides for. A florist, soap production, perfume ( essential oil). These people can be self-sufficient without very much land, even in cooler climates.
The homesteaders need to be careful in choosing the location for planting the trees, because of how much shade is cast and the spread of the canopy. In order to maximize the light, the trees need to be planted so that the shadow isn’t too dark. If the shadow is too dark, the other plants will struggle to survive. Paying attention to the light and dark, as the sun travels throughout the day, will help to indicate the correct area for the trees.
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In most locations, people can do some of the production that is indicated by these posts. You might not be able to have livestock, but you can have trees and a vegetable garden. If you live in an apartment, inquire as to the availability of garden plots in your community, or you can grow some vegetables in a sunny window in your home and on the balcony.
The garden catalogues are now out. One is
written by: Dr. Louise Hayes
April 10, 2013

Health Benefits of Kiwis: •Increased Immune Function  •Reduced Cancer Risk  •Reduced Risk of Colon Cancer  •Protection Against Heart Disease  •Protection Against Dementia  •Alleviation of Cardiovascular Disease  •Alleviation of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)  •Promoted Eye Health  •Alzheimer’s Protection  •Osteoporosis Protection  •Alleviation of Inflammation Kiwi fruit contains nutrients and antioxidants believed to help protect DNA from damage, it can also be used as a blood thinner. Kiwi fruit has a protein dissolving enzyme called actinidin, thus it can be used as a meat tenderizer, like papaya. *Some of these health benefits are due to the nutrients highly concentrated in Kiwis, and may not necessarily be related to Kiwis.  Natural vitmains, minerals, and nutrients found in Kiwis: Vitamin C | Vitamin K | Vitamin E | Calcium | Dietary Fiber | Copper


Health Benefits of Strawberries: •Increased Immune Function  •Protection Against Heart Disease  •Slowing Aging  •DNA Repair and Protection  •Alzheimer’s Protection  •Osteoporosis Protection  •Antioxidant Protection  •Prevention of Epileptic Seizures  •Prevention of Alopecia (Spot Baldness)


Health Benefits of Watermelon: •Increased Protection from Bacterial and Viral Infections  •Increased Immune Function  •Reduced Cancer Risk  •Protection Against Heart Disease Watermelon is high in the carotenoid lycopene which is thought to be beneficial for preventing cancer. *Some of these health benefits are due to the nutrients highly concentrated in Watermelon, and may not necessarily be related to Watermelon.  Natural vitmains, minerals, and nutrients found in Watermelon: Carbohydrates | Vitamin A | Lycopene | Vitamin C |

Read more at Health Benefits of Rhubarb: •Increased Immune Function  •Reduced Risk of Colon Cancer  •Protection Against Heart Disease  •Alleviation of Cardiovascular Disease  •Alleviation of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)  •Alzheimer’s Protection  •Osteoporosis Protection  •Stroke Prevention  •Antioxidant Protection  •Prevention of Epileptic Seizures  •Prevention of Alopecia (Spot Baldness) The anthocyanins that give rhubarb their characteristic red color may help to fight and prevent a host of diseases including cancer, diabetes, and aging. *Some of these health benefits are due to the nutrients highly concentrated in Rhubarb, and may not necessarily be related to Rhubarb.  Natural vitmains, minerals, and nutrients found in Rhubarb: Vitamin C | Vitamin K | Calcium | Dietary Fiber | Manganese | Potassium |