Food Part 3

Food Part 3

Food, Part 3

Her neighbour has the same amount of land. On this plot he houses seven pigs, one boar and six sows for regular pig production. Usually there are 16 maturing pigs, 16 young pigs and 16 piglets at a time. In the first year, they produce 48 piglets which he will raise large enough to provide meat for himself and some to sell. He has a smoke house for making ham and bacon, so his product is highly valued and he easily sustains himself.
The hides are tanned for leather. He also has a garden and an orchard. His trees are four crabapple, a mountain ash and a chokecherry. He puts in a hedge of raspberry and plants rhubarb, potato, corn for flour and pig food and other root vegetables. He will easily survive. There is enough fruit for pies, jam and pemican ( if needed) He will also trade with his neighbours some spun wool for smoked meat. All of this on a small plot of land 100’x100′.
The next property is a gardener. He puts in his crops of potato and other vegetables. He turns most of his property into a vegetable garden. He has to have his sheep, goat and chickens to survive, but they are kept in a small pen behind his house. He starts vegetables indoors and plants in containers, as well to add to his yield. There are zuccini, pumpkin and squash. He also plants lavendar and roses and starts a soap production. He purchases a still to make purfumes.
The next property is a goatherd. He has six goats on his land. His primary purpose is dairy. The goats provide milk for cheese, cottage cheese, yogourt, butter, milk and ice cream. He plants currants, raspberry, blueberry, saskatoon and oregano, savory, dill, mint ,thyme, sage and chives. He needs the berries to flavour his yogourt and ice cream and spice to flavour his cheese. He has plenty for trade and sale.
All of this without a tractor or a rotatiller.
These people all needed to gather seeds to plant their gardens.
Fortunatley, there are many seed companies to access online instead. visit: or for information and to purchase seeds for your gardens.
There is now a growing trend to plant gardens in small garden plots, provided by the community. More and more people are becoming aware of the need for fresh, organic produce to help them survive. Planting and growing gardens has intrinsic rewards, as well as the obvious reward of the food production. The city of Hamilton, Ontario has set aside garden plots for decades, for those garden enthusiasts who don’t have land of their own. To see it for yourself, visit,
If you’re interested in garden plots in your own community, contact your local municipal government for information. Usually, if there are garden plots already available, this information is online if you google, community garden plots, food societies or garden plots, in your area.
For those of you with larger properties who are looking for trees and plants, there are some northern nurseries that have zone friendly plants.
Please visit: and also, The Kiwi Nursery is the only one that I’ve seen who has black walnut, if it interests you.
written by: Louise Hayes
April 9, 2013

Health Benefits of Grapes: •Increased Immune Function •Protection Against Heart Disease •Alleviation of Cardiovascular Disease •Alleviation of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) •Alzheimer’s Protection •Osteoporosis Protection •Stroke Prevention Grapes are known for their flavonoids which can help reduce blood clots and artery damage. One flavonoid in particular, resveratrol, is thought to help slow the aging process in humans. *Some of these health benefits are due to the nutrients highly concentrated in Grapes, and may not necessarily be related to Grapes. Natural vitmains, minerals, and nutrients found in Grapes: Carbohydrates | Vitamin C | Vitamin K | Potassium | Copper |


Health Benefits of Peaches: •Increased Protection from Bacterial and Viral Infections •Increased Immune Function •Reduced Cancer Risk •Protection Against Heart Disease

*Some of these health benefits are due to the nutrients highly concentrated in Peaches, and may not necessarily be related to Peaches. Natural vitmains, minerals, and nutrients found in Peaches: Carbohydrates | Vitamin A | Vitamin C | Dietary Fiber |

Read more at Health Benefits of Pears: •Increased Immune Function •Protection Against Heart Disease

*Some of these health benefits are due to the nutrients highly concentrated in Pears, and may not necessarily be related to Pears. Natural vitmains, minerals, and nutrients found in Pears: Vitamin C | Dietary Fiber | Copper |


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Plums (prunus domestica) are round or oval shaped fruits with a thin outer skin, mushy inner flesh, and single inner pip found in the center. Depending on type plums can range from yellow to dark red to purple.

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Health Benefits of Plums: •Increased Protection from Bacterial and Viral Infections •Increased Immune Function •Reduced Cancer Risk •Protection Against Heart Disease •Alzheimer’s Protection •Osteoporosis Protection •Constipation Relief

*Some of these health benefits are due to the nutrients highly concentrated in Plums, and may not necessarily be related to Plums. Natural vitmains, minerals, and nutrients found in Plums: Vitamin A | Vitamin C | Vitamin K |


Almighty Man

Almighty Man

Bonjour and Good Day!  You awesome human.

Yesterday, May 1,was the start of Preservation Month.  This is one of my favourites!

Brilliant mankind, this fabulous oasis , planet Earth, is the master of creation.  It’s the master of discovery.  It oozes life,  live, enjoy, create.  It shines with miracles.  This awesome wonder, this marvelous planet, this great good Earth, is ours to protect.

May 1 was Global Love Day.  The unfathomable Almighty cast this Earth, his own creation, into the universe.  It`s molded from particles, atoms, neurons, matter and molecules.  The Earth itself is life itself.  This is the undeniable Love.  Creation was and isn`t accidental.  It`s not a  coincidence. It`s a miracle.  Of all of the words that Love describes,  it describes miracles and Love itself is a miracle as well.

Brilliant mankind, Preservation Month is to save us.

Look into your fabulous history fabulous human.  Delve into the depths of ancient man.  The human has built his world from priceless inspiration.  Happy are we to be the adored, the much loved, the beauteous wonder of creation.  Look around you, mankind, an oasis for you.  Look into the wonder of the other awesome creation.  The much plundered oceans, with remarkable life forms, plants and animals alike.    The much plundered forest with colours, landscape, animal life so rare.  Precious are we to be the wholesome inheritors of these lands.

Our forefathers were congenial.  They were adventurous, no cowards there.  They came to this continent to build a great nation.  They found land, prosperity, love and peace.  This great nation, is a promised land.  This nation is not a conquered land, it is a nurtured land, built from peace, gratitude, sharing, compassion, kindness and love.  This great nation was built from the unity of the peoples with minds so clear, that the unity and blending of cultures melded the  peoples into one great land.  No more the tribal states, with territories defined.  No more the communication barrier from tribal dialect and language.  You, brilliant mankind, surpassed it all.  No war, no plunder, no starvation, no cowards there.  Only the bold, the daring, the sophisticated adventurer who could surpass it all.  This, you lucky great nation, is what Love builds.  This miracle of a common bond.  The bond is you.  Human.

Multiculturalism has always been our moral past, our accepted present and our cultured future.  The children of these cross cultural people are the blessing and the praises of humanitarian peoples who accepted the life bond that would save and heal and comfort and blend.  Cultures too compassionate for war.  WE the almighty human,  stood against the tidal wave of cynicism, poverty, starvation, war, rage and torment and Loved.

We are the great peoples of the Earth.  Hear us! The songs from the Earth sing, Praises mankind, you walk in holy ways.  No plunder.  No war.  Only Love in this great land.  These great people, this great gift, this great nation, built from kindness, without adversity.  Peoples who cared.  Peoples who wouldn’t let their fellow man die.  People who were human.

Brilliant mankind,  this is you.

All of the strength of your being comes to you and with it, you form nations.  You create civilization, no plunder, no war.  The immense beauty of a great landscape, a wondrous waterway, a star filled heaven.  The fabulous creatures, plants and landscapes protected by your strong arms, strong minds, strong will, strong compassion.

Brilliant mankind, you treat the planet with the love of your own companions.  Follow your awesome, never ending path.  Peace. Goodwill.  Prosperity and Love.  It conquers all.  visit for inspiration about our national treasures.

Your call to action:  share this post.  Delve into your brilliant multicultural heritage.  It is a joy of peaceful negotiation, compassion, humanitarianism and sharing.  Consider your own wealth and make a contribution to a charity such as for strategies to end world hunger.   Follow the well worn path of your ancestor into the life of the great unknown landscape.

Follow the path with courage and humanity, you daring human.  You must.

written by Louise Hayes

May 2, 2013